First Impressions of HOKA Rocket X2: Love At First Sight 😍

As I signed up for The HOKA Cokey, a run in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, I wanted to try out a pair of HOKA trainers for the first time. I am mainly a track runner who mostly enjoys 800m and 1500m. However, as cross-country season approaches, I also participate in a lot of road races to increase endurance and enjoy 5K and 10K+ etc. I have briefly tested these trainers on the road and track. Here are my first impressions of the Rocket X 2 trainers…

  • They fit perfectly: I am a size 4 in normal shoes, but normally get 4.5 for running trainers. I got 4.5 for these trainers, and they fit perfectly. I am narrow footed though, so whilst I like that the toe box is quite narrow, wide footed runners may need a bigger size than they normally purchase.
  • I like how they hug my feet. This makes them feel really secure, especially for race day, and I love the snug fit they provide (that is my preference) whilst still providing space within the shoe.
  • I was slightly worried at first because the back of the shoe is quite low, and I like the feeling of security and a tighter fit. I felt that they might slip down or feel insecure on my foot, but this was not an issue at all because the fit is perfect.
  • The recycled polyester laces also feel really durable, and I am not worried about pulling them to secure the fit as tightly as I desire. This is important for me because I am always redoing my laces because I like the feeling of a tighter fit, and I like to feel secure, especially on race day. The snug fit and full-length carbon plate definitely make me excited for my next race as they make the trainers feel so quick.
  • They are lighter than I expected: I like lightweight running trainers, especially for racing. I was worried after ordering these trainers that they would feel quite heavy because I saw a few comments saying so. However, this was not the case, they are 236g, and feel really light.
  • Love the waterproof material: The first time I tested them out, it was pouring with rain. The rubber coverage kept all the water out, made sure they dried quickly, didn’t need washing (I was running on both muddy grass and track), and did not get ruined. They still feel very flexible as well. I felt stable whilst running and have no doubt that these trainers will be very durable for all kinds of weather and terrain. Therefore, despite the slightly higher price tag, they are no doubt a good investment. I believe polyester shoelaces are water-resistant too and last for a long time. Even though these trainers were designed for road racing, I believe I will use them for my track training sessions too as they feel stable.
  • I love the bright colours: Many runners love wearing bright colours all seasons, and these are very vibrant and unique in my opinion. I have already received lots of comments about how fast and good they look.
  • Versatility: Because they are designed to both be quick but to also provide a lot of support, these trainers can be used for racing and training, speedwork and long distances. I think they will be great for 5K. The foam compresses really easily so they’re so super comfortable.

Overall, I think that I am really going to enjoy using these trainers for training and racing. It feels like love at first sight and try, and I really hope the love affair continues. There are more technical reviews online which all seem very positive. Check them out to find out more.