6 Exercises For The Ultimate Running Warm Up

We think most people agree when we say warming up isn’t the most thrilling part of a run. Most of the time once you’ve laced your trainers and picked your playlist you just want to get going but trust us, a quick warm up will do wonders! A dynamic warm-up, even one that lasts just five minutes, provides the stretch needed to run stronger and help prevent injury.

6 Dynamic Stretches

Perform these six moves at the start of every run, doing each for 30 seconds to one minute. Then consider your running engine officially revved and ready to go.

Quad and Piriformis Walk

Targets: Quads, glutes, piriformis

How: Grab one foot behind you and pull toward your bum. Release, step forward; switch legs. After 30 secs, cradle the right leg at the ankle and knee and pull up to the chest. Release, step forward; switch legs. Repeat for 30 secs.

Frankenstein Walk

Targets: Hamstrings

How: Start standing with your feet together. Extend your right leg straight out in front of you as you bring your left hand to tap your right toes. Lower leg and step forward; repeat on the opposite side. Continue for 30 secs.

Hip Opener

Targets: Deep hip external rotators

How: From standing, bend the left knee and lift to hip level, then rotate out to 90 degrees. (Place left hand under the knee to stabilise). Bring leg back to front; lower foot and switch sides. Repeat for 30 secs.

Leg Crossover and Scorpion

Targets: Lower back, hamstrings, hips
How: Lie face-up, legs straight and arms out. Lift your right leg up and across the body, tapping your foot on the floor. Return to start; repeat on the other side. After 30 secs, flip over to lie facedown and repeat. Continue for 30 secs.

Inch Worm

Targets: Core, deltoids, hamstrings

How: From standing, bend forward at the waist to touch your toes, then walk your hands out to a plank. Hold for two seconds; walk feet to meet hands. Roll up to starting position. Repeat for one minute.

Arm Circles

Targets: Chest, deltoids, upper back

How: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and lift arms out to shoulder height, palms down. Make small circles; after30 seconds, switch direction. Continue for another 30 secs.

Ready to Race

Now that you have the ultimate guide to stretching, give it a go and you’ll be race ready in no time. Haven’t got an event booked? There’s a LimeLight Sports Club event to take your fancy, whether it’s a fast, flat 10K through the heart of the city or a vibrant East London half marathon.