Try This Interval Cycling Workout

There’s a misconception that a good cycling workout needs to be miles and miles long and take up a good chunk of your day, this isn’t true! Instead, high density workouts, which pack a lot in a short window of time, are beneficial to build your strength and stamina. Try our ‘Power Pyramids’ workout which requires hard effort with short rest intervals for a tough but efficient workout.

Power Pyramids

The workout suggests two 14-minute sets, but start with one and see how you go. As you progress, add in the second set and then, if you’re feeling brave, begin trimming your rest from 40 seconds down to 35 or 30.

  1. Warm up with 8 minutes of light and easy spinning, followed by three 1-minute-long efforts with 30 seconds in between. These efforts will bring your heart rate up and get you ready for the hard work ahead.
  2. Ride for two minutes at a near all-out effort. About a 8 on a scale from 1–10.
  3. Rest for 40 seconds.
  4. Ride for two and a half minutes at slightly easier effort, an 7 on a scale of 1–10.
  5. Rest for 40 seconds.
  6. Ride for three minutes at 6 on a scale from 1–10.
  7. Rest for 40 seconds, then repeat the intervals but reversing the order to start with the three-minute effort. Again, only allow yourself 40 seconds rest between each interval.
  8. Rest for five full minutes between sets, then repeat the entire pyramid again.

Finish with at least 10 minutes of easy spinning in a light gear. You should be absolutely exhausted by the end and very proud of yourself for making it through!

Now you’re armed with a new cycling interval workout to build your strength, it’s time to secure your spot at Etape Caledonia.