The Lionesses Brought it Home! 

Football is finally home, and it’s been delivered in epic style by the England women’s team. Beating Germany in a tense and thrilling final watched by a record-breaking 87,000 crowd at Wembley and millions more at home. The nail-biting finish was the most watched five minutes of television this year and left barely a dry eye in the house. 

These pioneering women have broken several records in their field and will serve as role models for young girls and women in a predominantly male-dominated field.  

At LimeLight, one of our stated ambitions is to level the playing field and it is something we are incredibly passionate about. Nelson Mandela stated that “sport has the power to change the world” and we commit to doing all we can to ensure that our active world is for everybody. A huge part of this is gender parity and whilst we recognise there’s still a long way to go, the increased coverage and enthusiasm around the Euros final this year demonstrates that we are moving in the right direction towards creating an active world. Together. For everyone. 

The Lionesses’ win is a moment in history for recognition and change. A quote from Gabby Logan that we feel summarises their win perfectly is, “You think it’s all over, it’s only just begun”. It’s only onwards and upwards from here.