10 Cyclists Tell Us Their Why

There can be all kinds of reasons why someone decides to take the leap and sign up for Etape Caledonia. From cycling for charity, to exploring the Highlands and getting fit, we love hearing all of your stories. So, we got a little nosey and dug through some of your reasons to share, inspire and motivate people to find their very own reason.

Why have you entered Etape Caledonia 2023?

“Cycling has been my exercise through breast cancer treatment and surgery, it’s also given me a fitness goal to rehabilitate for.”

“To replicate the experience and atmosphere of this years event.”

“I ride with a broken back and chronic pain in order to inspire others to do the same.”

“I’ll be 74 years old and have a competitive spirit so seeking a challenge to replace running in retirement due to a bad knee condition.”

“To prove that I can still achieve my cycling goals after a battle through lockdown and shielding and learning to walk again!┬áIt’s also my 50th birthday year.”

“Wanted to do this ride forever! Etape Caledonia is a classic and one for the trophy cabinet.”

“In memory of a much loved and sadly departed cycling pal.”

“This will be my third time taking part since my heart attack in September 2017.”

“2023 will be my 12th Etape Caledonia.”

“I have been cycling regularly on the Isle of Wight which mostly has flat tracks. I just want to push myself and see what I am able to achieve.”

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