5 Ways to Make Running Fun Again

We’ve all been there. Starting a new running routine or training plan can be exciting but after a while hitting the same routes at the same times can feel like drudgery. The good news is that it doesn’t take much to mix up your running routine and reignite your love for pounding the pavement. Try these top five tips for making running fun again and we’ll see you on the ASICS London 10K start line.

Run Your Route Backwards

Didn’t we say it was easy? Most people have a regular running route that’s close to home and easy to access. But circling the same park can get boring pretty quickly. If hunting out a new route isn’t practical right now then just try reversing your route. You’ll see your environment from a brand new perspective (literally) and change up the surfaces and gradient that your body is used to. That downward hill you enjoy on the home straight? Just became a first mile challenge.

Find a Community

Transform even the most boring running route with a friendly face and great (out of breath) conversation. Whether you drag along your best friend or join a local running club, having a running buddy will provide you with motivation and accountability. Not sure where to start? Join our LimeLight Sports Club training sessions. Taking place on Wednesday evenings, take part in longer runs, HIIT classes and track sessions – all for free.

Embrace Technology

It’s 2022 and the world is your oyster when it comes to upgrading runs with technology. Audio training guides, energy-inducing playlists, gripping podcasts and tracking your heart rate, cadence and speed, your phone and wearable tech provide endless ways to make running fun and engaging. There’s even an app that will chase you with zombies, if that’s what it takes.

Try New Styles

If you’re training for an event or trying hard to improve your performance then it’s likely you’re already cross-training. If not, listen up. Going on long, slow runs over and over again isn’t just going to be boring, it’s going to slow down your improvement. Mix in some speed work with intervals or fartlek training and don’t forget to try strength training too, whether it’s in the gym or just in your living room.

Get Races in the Diary

Having a goal in mind is always going to make it easier to lace up. If you’ve taken up running as a hobby or to get fit then booking a 5K or 10K run is a good distance to aim for. We can’t take responsibility if you get addicted though. Training for a half or full marathon? Use races as part of your training, it’s a great way to get a feel for what it will be like on the big day. May we suggest the ASICS London 10K?