What Does Your Finish Line Celebration Say About You?

The rush of adrenaline, the relief that it’s over, the pride that you did it. It doesn’t get much better than crossing the ASICS London 10K finish line. We’ve seen it all there; high fives, hugs, tears. And we’ve decided that your finish line celebration style tells us everything we need to know about your personality.

Forget horoscopes and birth charts, pick your finisher style and let us provide some totally scientific* insight to your inner self. Not experience the finish line feeling yet? You can still get a ticket for this years’ ASICS London 10K.

*Based on no science.

Pick Your Finish Line Celebration

Hugs All Round

When you cross the finish line your first stop is to find the nearest human being and envelope them in a sweaty hug. A little tear might escape your eye. You’re a softie, one of life’s touchy feely folks and all you want to do is share your emotions with your fellow runner. You’d probably sacrifice your time to help someone else finish the race and you’re not that fussed about medals and selfies. You’re here for the experience and boy will you squeeze every second out of it.

Watch Watcher

No celebrations here, you mean business. The first thing you do when you cross the finish line is hit stop on your watch and feast on all of your data. Those splits won’t study themselves. You came here to crush your 10k PB and you won’t let anything get in your way. There’ll be no small talk at the halfway point or high-fiving spectators but we respect your single-mindedness. You earned that medal every single kudos on Strava.

Hell Yeah Fist Pump

You might have celebrated the whole way round, high-fived every supporter and marvelled at all of the sights but the finish line is where you really come into your own. Fist pumps, clapping, high-fives, you will let loose the second your toe sneaks over that line. And you deserve it. Maybe this is your first ever 10k, or perhaps you just really, really love running. Either way your joy is infectious and everyone around you will be fist pumping too.

Sweet Relief

It took 10 long kilometres but you’ve finally crossed the finish line. Look up to the sky, let out a shout and revel in the fact it’s over. You thank the running gods that you’re still in one piece and gratefully accept your medal. This wasn’t your first rodeo and it won’t be your last. It’s time for a serious warm down, a nutritious meal and to start planning your next race.

Not booked your ASICS London 10K 2022 ticket yet? Don’t hang around. We want to see your best finish line celebrations come 10th July.