Why I’m Running the ASICS London 10K

There can be all kinds of reasons why someone decides to take the leap and sign up for the ASICS London 10K. From running for charity, to exploring London and getting fit, we love hearing all of your stories. So, we got a little nosey, dug through some of your reasons and now we’re sharing them, to inspire and motivate people to find their very own reason.

10 Runners Tell Us Why They’re Running

“I’m a wellbeing champion at work who is trying to encourage colleagues to register and try this event for their health.”

“I want to test my ability.”

“Running and fitness is my lifestyle and I run this race every year because it is in the city and we pass by the most beautiful London landmarks.”

“Raising money to purchase a Neonatal incubator for the NICU where my daughter was born at 29 weeks in memory of my Dad who died in Nov 2020.”

“I celebrate my 40th birthday on the day of the race and trying to get a few people together to run with me. Just for the fun of it.”

“I started running about 5 years ago when I was struggling with my mental health and to celebrate a sport which has helped to bring so much joy back to my life alongside other people, seems like a lovely thing to do. Hopefully encourage other people to do something for themselves along the way and feel good, all whilst spread the joy of running!”

“Trying to pretend I am not getting any older.”

“ASICS London 10 k is the most beautiful running event in Europe. I will be participating for my second time!”

“I want to be able to reach this personal goal and becoming better. I want to be able to prove myself and others that I am capable and I want to make my Dad, who has completed marathons, proud.”

“What better inspiration than running in the shadows of famous London landmarks?”

Feeling inspired? Book your ASICS London 10K ticket now and be part of London’s only closed-road summer 10k.