The Concept Behind your Etape Caledonia 2022 Medal: Meet the Designer

We are thrilled to bring you the official 2022 Etape Caledonia medal! We chatted to Georgie Cornish who created your medal, take a read and go behind the scenes.

Meet Your Etape Caledonia Designer

Meet Georgie, your medal designer! We delved more into the medal design and how she brought it to life, but first, we thought you might want to get to know her a little better…

What is your job at LimeLight and what’s your role with Etape Caledonia?

Georgie – “I’m Georgie, and I work as a Designer at LimeLight Sports. I work on all of our events designing anything from race bibs to social posts. I feel lucky to have been involved in a lot of the design processes for Etape this year, including the medal!“

What does sport mean to you?

Georgie – “I grew up as a swimmer and was part of a swim team and competed locally in my home town of Plymouth. Freestyle and breaststroke were my strokes and I absolutely loved it! Plymouth was an exciting place to be into water sports when I was growing up because of the 2012 olympics and obviously our very own champion, Tom Daley. It’s great to be working in the sport industry across such a variety of events in an area I’m really passionate about, I feel very lucky.”

What is your career journey to date?

Georgie – “I went to Central Saint Martins, University of The Arts London to study Design and graduated in 2020. I then started my professional career in design; working for a human rights organisation and then a pharmaceuticals agents and then joining LimeLight in September 2021!“

What process did you go through to design the medal?

Georgie –It was quite a visual process as you’d imagine. It started with identifying key shapes and objects you’d associate with Etape Caledonia such as bikes, lochs and mountains to see how they’d look on a medal. I then paired those visuals with the logo and colour scheme to see what worked well together.”

How long does the process take from beginning to end?

Georgie –It takes a few months from the initial idea to final sign off. Although I design the medal, lots of divisions from the business such as marketing and events will feedback. Normally we will give them a few design concepts and ideas and then whittle it down until we reach the final signed off design. I think this year’s Etape Caledonia medal took about 5 weeks.”

What is the concept behind this years medal?

Georgie – “The idea was to create a medal that is bold and exciting, something that participants would be proud to receive. I decided to use deconstructed elements of both a bike and the Etape Caledonia logo to create something fresh. I used a bike chain as the medal’s border and a mountain outline from the logo as the centre piece.”

Why do you like the medal this year?

Georgie – “I think the design we ended up with is really unique which is exciting! It’s not something I’ve seen before across cycling events.”

Why do you like working in mass participation sports?

Georgie – “After people being apart for so long because of covid I knew I wanted to work for events that would bring people together. I love that my designs contribute towards people having a good experience with being active within different communities across the UK.”

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