This #IWD What Does Running Mean to You?

International Women’s Day gives us an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women and to think about all of the ways they are still impacted by gender inequality. It might seem that something as simple as running wouldn’t be part of this conversation but unfortunately that isn’t the case. For many women and those who identify as women, the act of lacing up and heading outside is accompanied by a hundred other considerations. Is it too dark? Is my route too quiet? Should I carry my phone just in case? And in some cases concern for their personal safety will stop a woman from running completely.

But despite that thousands of women do keep running and when we asked our ASICS London 10K community what running means to them the answer was resounding. Freedom.

Check out the other responses below. We hope that today you can lace up and enjoy your own taste of freedom.

Running Means…

“It makes me feel powerful like I can do anything!!”

“Running makes me feel like I’m achieving something special.”

“It’s a reminder of how strong my body is no matter what shape or size I am.”



“Running to me means freedom and a celebration of everything my body can achieve.”

Run With Us

If this has inspired you to get out and run more then join the LimeLight Sports Club training runs. Every Wednesday we run together through the streets of central London. It’s a great way to meet new people, up your mileage and explore the city – plus it’s totally free.