Hackney Half Marathon 2021: Meet Your Pacers 🥳

Have a nosey and find out a bit more about our wonderful team of pacers that will be bringing the good vibes and atmosphere this weekend 🙌

We picked their brains and asked them some questions to give you some awesome advice and inspiration! Check it out 👇

Who is your sporting hero?

  • “Kathrine Switzer – for being the first woman to complete the Boston Marathon despite men literally trying to tackle her on the course! If she could overcome those obstacles, I can get out for a rainy training run!”Alice Newstead
  • “Emma Raducanu – such a wise head on young shoulders!”Ella Thurston
  • “Niall Quinn (seen as I am a true Mackem lad at heart!)”Adam Lamb
  • Allie Kieffer – she prioritises strength and nutrition”Lucy Golding
  • “Eliud Kipchoge. A hard working determined athlete who challenged himself to break the mythical sub-2-hour marathon and did so whilst remaining humble and with a smile on his face.”Mark Parry
  • Paula Radcliffe, for inspiring me to lace up and get moving!”Seraphina Evans

What is your top tip for race day?

  • “Finish lines not finish times! Getting to the end and collecting some bling is the aim.”Ann-Marie Fahmy
  • “Never try anything new on race day, respect the distance and even if you don’t feel hungry eat a sensible breakfast. You will need it in the latter parts of the race. Always run happy!”Heidi Shubrook
  • Go out there and have fun. Don’t stop till you cross that finish line and then comes the celebrations.”Hasan Hassan
  • “Your training will allow you to predict what pace you can sustain for the race. If right, this will feel easy in the first few miles. Remember this and don’t go off quicker than this as it’s likely the last few miles won’t go to plan!”Peter Kullar
  •  “Stick to your usual warm-up routine. I always go for a 10min jog & do some light stretching, drills & strides to get my body & mind ready to go.”Julia Neilson
  • “Get things ready few days before. Control the controllable. Have Plan B in hand for changing weather, travel disruption, your kit etc.”Linga Dwarakanth

What is your favourite song to run to?

  • “Any 80s or 90s pop! Venga boys are a favourite :-)”Heidi Shubrook
  • “Anything Taylor Swift”Alice Newstead
  • “I do like a bit of Oldskool hardcore, so it would have to be The Slammer by Krome & Time. If that doesn’t get your adrenaline flowing, then nothing will!”Mark Parry
  • “The Pointer Sisters – I’m so excited”Hasan Hassan
  • The plodding of my own feet.”Nick Chapman
  • “Happy cycling” by Boards of Canada is a long-time favourite of mine. It’s quite dreamy.”Julia Neilson
  • “Eye Of The Tiger, always keeps me running!”Seraphina Evans

What is your top tip for pre-race nerves?

  •  “You’ve trained for this and you’ve already done the hard work — visualise crossing that finish line and focus on the successful culmination of everything you’ve been working up to.” – Jack Jervoice
  • “Don’t drink too much coffee.”Peter Kullar
  • “The Adrenaline pumping through your veins is a sign that you’re about to do something great! Allow yourself to be excited!”Julia Neilson
  •  “Relax it’s just a race there will always be someone slower than you, just try your best and relax it ain’t that serious after all you are just running around for 13.1 miles in random directions with a load of strangers.”Scott Reynolds
  • Remember the reason you signed up and let that be your focus.”Ann-Marie Fahmy
  • “You are not in this alone! On race day, the camaraderie is fantastic, and you’re bound to strike up conversations and friendships with others. So just try to think of it as one big group of friends, running round together.”Mark Parry
  • Soak in the atmosphere. All the hard work has been done. Cherish the moment. We are all in it together.”Linga Dwarakanth

What is your best post-race recovery tip?

  • “A cold bath after a race cuts out almost all soreness the next day… if you can bear it!”Oliver Campion-Awwad
  •  “Always double drinks! Water for hydration followed by a milkshake. The combination of fluid, protein and carbohydrate is just what your body needs to refuel post- race. I also swear by Epsom salt baths to help soothe tired legs.”Heidi Shubrook
  • “Stretch well and eat all the snacks in the goody bag! That’s what they’re there for!”Tom Pullinger
  • “Get your medal and grab a cold beer!!” – Coral Kratenstein
  • Have a slap-up meal and take a few days off running after the race!”Jack Jervoise
  •  “Keep walking!”Imran Hassanjee

Keep an eye out for your pacers on event day and remember to stretch, smile, and enjoy! 🤩