ASICS London 10K 2021: Meet Your Cheer Runners 🏃

Due to COVID-19 our pacing team look a bit different this year, introducing The 2021 Cheer Runners.

This team of awesome runners includes ASICS FrontRunners, run community leaders and lovers of sport. Learn all about who will be bringing the good vibes and helping you race at your happy pace at the ASICS London 10K below 👇

What is your top tip for race day?

  • “Trust in your training but plan for any eventuality – unexpected conditions, what shoes, pre-race meals, goals etc.” – Chris Campion
  • “Stay calm, everyone’s a winner” – Diane Weaver
  • “Have fun… it’s easy to lose sight of why you are there and let the nerves ruin the day… enjoy every moment” – Paul Addicott
  • “Use the runners around you to keep going! And mentally divide the course up into smaller bit sized sections. This can make the distance feel less daunting and take the pressure off” – Hayley Woolnough

Who is your sports hero?

  • “Camille Heron – legendary ultra runner” – Vicky Ledbury
  • “Eliud Kipchoge. No human is limited!” – Moneil Patel
  • “Dame Kelly Homes” – Hazel Kurz
  • “Absolutely anyone who pushes past any challenges to finish a race!” – Jamie Gane

Top tips for pre-race nerves

  • “If you’ve trained for it, don’t sweat it. You will achieve what you’ve put in.” – Curtis Broadhead
  • “There’s no point in worrying about things that are out of your control. Trust in your training and stick to your plan.” – Geoff Ridout
  • “Remember why you signed up and keep that focus.” – Annmarie Fahmy
  • “Distract yourself be soaking up the atmosphere, especially given we’ve all been away from races for so long!” – Giselle Carr

Best post-race tips to recover?

  • “Take on fluids and a light snack, keep moving and stretch” – Scott Reynolds
  • “If you’re in a rush- a yazoo milkshake will do the trick: A nice combo of protein and sugar to liven you back up!” – Sam Waker
  • “Make sure that you hydrate yourself after and treat yourself to a wonderful reward – a bath is my favourite!” – Jamie Gane
  • “Don’t just stop moving completely once you’ve crossed that finish line-walk around as this will help flush the lactate from your muscles and can reduce the soreness over the following days” – Karen Guttridge

Check out your cheer team and their wave times below:

Name Start GroupPace (minutes)
Aaron Seldon140
Ryan Willmott140
Curtis Broadhead145
Jenna Wilkinson145
Geoff Ridout150
Jon Binney150
Paul Addicott150
Sam Walker250
James Smith 250
Scott Reynolds255
Diane Weaver255
Chris Campion 255
Sandra Pankhurst260
Matt Fowler260
Jenni Jones260
David Card360
Cristina Aldea 360
Alechia van Wyk 360
Fei Wang360
Moneil Patel 365
Karen Guttridge365
Sally Brider370
Vicky Ledbury 370
Hayley Woolnough475
Giselle Carr475
Jamie Gane480
Leticia Gallego 485
Hazel Kurz490
Annmarie Fahmy495
Eugenia Gusinska 4100

Keep an eye out for your racing cheer team on event day and enjoy every minute of the race, don’t forget to smile, stretch and enjoy yourself!

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