Hackney Half 2020: Meet Your Pacers


Learn all about who will be bringing the good vibes and helping you race at your happy pace on the big day below! Scroll to the end to see the full line up of pacers and finishing times. If you fancy hitting the East End streets with the pacers, purchase tickets for the Hackney Half here. Once signed up, register for our free training runs leading up to the race where you can meet your pacer!

Pictured (clockwise left to right) – Oliver Campion-Awwad, Ole Ryan, Ben Lynch, Julien Cazorla, Alex Gordon, Danny O’Reilly, Jordan Foster, Julia Neilson, Nick Chapman, Matthew Tremlett, James Benjamin

Who is your sporting hero?

Kipchoge, not just his performance, but his attitude too – Jordan Foster

Currently? A guy called Peter Bromka. He’s an amateur runner who’s been trying to qualify for the US Olympic marathon trials for the past two years. His effort and sadly anguish continues to serve as a huge inspiration to me in my amateur athletics and personal life – Ole Ryan

The Rock – Hjalti Rögnvaldsson

The most recent who comes to mind would have to be Fiona Oakes. Having had major setbacks in her life early on, she continues to run marathons and ultra-marathon distances in very competitive times. Most importantly, the work she does promoting a vegan lifestyle and sustainability through running is a huge influence on me – Ben Lynch

Joss Naylor, Ueli Steck, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce – James Benjamin

Pictured (clockwise left to right) – Paul Addicott, Abbi Hau, Ella Thurston, Adam Lamb, Claire Elsworth, Barry Chisholm, Alia Husain, Jane Rukin, Hannah Hollis

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Nerves are the exact same chemical response as excitement. The only difference is what you choose to perceive it as – Hannah Hollis

Be thankful for your struggle, because then you realise your strength – Jane Rukin-White

For every up there’s always a down (good for running!) and for every down there’s always an up (useful when you feel like you’ve lost your running mojo) – Adam Lamb

Be happy – Paul Addicott

A half marathon isn’t that bad, it’s just a 10k…. followed immediately by another 10k…. – Madeleine Gascoigne

Pictured (clockwise left to right) – Phoebe Rees, Jessica Lewis, Mohd Noor Izman Jaliun, Maria Ruiz Conejo, Linga Dwarakanath, Niesha Holder, Morgan Berg, Christopher Pun, Vicky Ledbury, Ruth Vickerstaff, Sade Bowen

Top tips for race day?

Fuel up well, don’t worry about others and enjoy the run/experience! – Christopher Pun

My motto is to ‘Run together so you can run stronger’. Follow your pacer so you will have less to worry about, checking your wrist every single minute (I know that feeling haha). Have a lot of fun! – Mohd Noor Izman Jaliun

SMILE! Our body positions and facial expressions send feedback signals to our brains that affect our mood and confidence, so make sure you send your brain the signals that you’re strong, you’re happy and you’re ready to run! No point wasting precious energy over pre-race anxiety when you need that for the run! – Jessie Lewis

Water, breakfast and a good warm up! – Tiffany Bui

Practice smile for photographers, take in the spectator support and enjoy the race – Elizabeth Ayres

Focus on what you can control, and get used to training in all weathers, you never know what conditions will be like on race day! – Vicky Ledbury

Finishing TimeNameClub / Crew
01:30 Jordan Foster Hackney Rats
01:30 Danny O’Reilly Hackney Rats
01:35Joel Wiles GoodGym Hackney
01:35 Ole Ryan
01:40Alex Gordon Rep Runners
01:40Ben Lynch
01:40 Nick Chapman Track East
01:45 Hjalti Rögnvaldsson Midnight Runners
01:45 Julia Neilson Newham and Essex Beagles AC
01:45 Julien Cazorla Serpentine
01:45Paul Addicott
01:45Andre CogginsTrack Mafia
01:50 Matthew Tremlett
01:50 James Benjamin Fetch Everyone, London Tube Runners
01:50 Oliver Campion-Awwad London City Runners
01:55 Hannah Hollis WMN Run
01:55 Jane Rukin-White Eton Manor AC
01:55 Jack Loveys Jervoise Midnight Runners, Ultra X
02:00 Claire Elsworth Runhead
02:00 Adam Lamb Victoria Park Harriers
02:00 Andrew Clark Advent Running, TENZING Clean Air Run Club
02:00 Alia Husain Rep Runners
02:00 Abbi Hau
02:00 Madeleine Gascoigne
02:05Huy Ta
02:10Ella Thurston
02:10Barry Chisholm Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers AC
02:10 Christopher Pun We Are Runners UK
02:15 Linga Dwarakanath
02:15 Mohd Noor Izman Jaliun Serpentine
02:20 Niesha Holder Run Dem Crew & Fly Girl Collective
02:20 Phoebe Rees Lazy Girl Running
02:25 Jessie Lewis Midnight Runners
02:25 Maria Ruiz Conejo
02:30 Morgan Berg Run Dem Crew, Track East
02:30 Sade Bowen Run Dem Crew
Joggier Tiffany Bui
Joggier Elizabeth Ayres Backpackers & Serpentine RC
Joggy Ayca Ibrahim Backpackers
Joggy Vicky Ledbury Active Soul UK
Joggy Jarnail Singh Backpackers, Chasing Lights Collective
Walk/Jog Charlotte D’Arcy Run Dem Crew, Chasing Lights Collective, Backpackers
Walk/Jog Ruth Vickerstaff Backpackers
Walk/Jog Lucy Benson Backpackers
Walk/Jog Seraphina Evans Backpackers

Last remaining tickets for the Hackney Half are available here. Already got your race place? Sign up to our free training sessions to get you race ready and meet your pacers – more info here.