How to Drink Water out of a Cup

We have partnered with JUST Water for the Oxford Half to eliminate single-use plastic water bottles. Plastic bottles will be removed from the route and replaced with fully recyclable paper cups!

But… drinking from a cup is not as easy as you think — while running. To avoid an unwanted liquid facial, read our top tips on how best to efficiently drink water out of a paper cup while running a half marathon.

  1. Pick a volunteer and spot a cup to aim for! Bonus points —  don’t just head to a volunteer that is at the first table you see. There is more than one table at each aid station so make the most of that!
  2. Grab the cup and squeeze the top into a spout.
  3. Don’t gulp it all down at once — take your time.
  4. When done, aim to throw your cup in a bin to ensure it gets recycled.

Good luck and see you at the start line!

Entries are now closed for the Oxford Half 2019 but keep an eye out for an announcement about entries for 2020!