Writing x Running: Take the Hackney Half creative training challenge

Have you ever tried writing down your thoughts as a method of meditation? Time to get creative in your Hackney Half training! Writer, poet, and Hackney Half Pacer (2:30) Be Manzini insists that both running and writing are excellent tactics for meditation and can have wonderful effects on your wellbeing. Getting into a healthy mindset is an incredibly important part of training. Writing down your aspirations, expectations and fears can help clear your mind for the upcoming Hackney Half.

Be Manzini expands on this notion; “The therapeutic benefits of writing and running have been well documented. What I love about them both is that they are democratic in that all you need to write is a pen and paper and for urban running a pair of trainers and some space!

People often say to me ‘I wish I could write’ or ‘I wish I could run’ so I understand that a blank piece of paper or the road can be quite intimidating but if you start with a goal like writing a few lines, like running for a short amount of time, you will be surprised how you can build your writing muscles. It doesn’t have to be poetic or perfect but emptying your thoughts can really allow for a healthier positive mental space which can only help you as you tackle any distance, freeing you from the baggage of the day, the week or old limiting beliefs.

Just start with the question ‘How am I feeling right now in my mind and my body?’ and then think about what ideas are useful for you to keep, work on or leave behind.”

With the Hackney Festival of Fitness approaching quickly, take this opportunity to create a list of goals and things that your are looking forward to achieving at the Festival of Fitness and at the Hackney Half.

Were you at the Writing x Running Hackney Half training session? Check out the photos below, courtesy of Simon Roberts, and share you favourites!

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