Hackney Half Training Runs are go!

Witnessed a group of runners around Central London Wednesday evening? Chances are it was our Hackney Half runners on the first weekly training run.

Pace groups could be heard coming from afar, whether it was the pacers’ energising music or the excited chat of dozens of runners.

Training Run-34
Photo credit: Simon Roberts Photography

Over 60 of our runners met at Chipotle Wardour Street for a tour along our central London training route. Seven Hackney Half pacers split into four groups of varying speeds ranging from a sub 1:40 half marathon speed, to a first-time jog at Party Pace.

This week’s route saw the runners cruise down from Soho to The Mall, and lap around Buckingham Palace Garden via Constitution Hill, before heading down through St James’s Park to the Embankment. Following a beautiful stride out along the river, the Hackney Half training teammates looped back to Wardour Street for a well deserved #PostWorkoutChipotle!

Training Run-135
Photo credit: Simon Roberts Photography

Hackney Half training runs will take place every week from now until the half marathon on 19 May. Be sure to join us for a chance to meet your pacer ahead of race day! If you’re a half marathon newbie, there is a great split of 50/50 half marathon veterans and first timers at these training runs.

One of member of our pacing dream team, Segi Adewusi, has come full circle on her Hackney Half journey and will be pacing 2.20 on 19 May. Here is her story:

pacer hh19_ segi adewusi

It all began in 2017 when my curiosity led me to volunteer at Hackney Half. Living in Walthamstow and running around Hackney Marshes it was hard to miss all the posters of the event on my route. On the big day, I was positioned at the end of the race handing out snacks, bottles of water and high fives to the runners. It was an incredible party atmosphere in the sunshine and I was in complete awe of the runners and left wondering if I had the energy, motivation and determination to get through 13.1 miles.    

In 2018 I plucked up the courage and decided I would run the race. Feeling lost and puzzled being a half marathon newbie I knew I needed support, expertise and just some jokes to make sense of it all. I had heard about Run Dem Crew but put off joining because they all looked so cool and slick. The first night I went to RDC (I was nervous as hell) but met a lovely girl called Sophie who told me she had also signed up for Hackney Half (her first half too) and I knew I was definitely in the right place.

As time went on it just seemed like everyone in the crew was running this race and I knew this was something special. There was just this buzz and excitement about Hackney Half and it seemed to make everyone really happy.

On the day of the race we started with lots of fun group photos and then it was time to run. I had an amazing time and I can honestly say it was a highlight of my life running through one of the most diverse areas of London, being with the crew and having a whole community brought together.  

In 2019, it is a dream come true to pace for the Hackney Half and it will feel like I’ve come full circle on my personal Hackney Half journey (volunteering, running and pacing). Hackney Half is special because I believe it fosters a unique team spirit, promotes good vibes and diversity which epitomises the spirit of London. I want to get more involved in this amazing race through pacing, inspiring others on their own personal journey and become an ambassador for Hackney Half, Run Dem Crew and East London.

It doesn’t matter how many races I complete across the globe there is only one Hackney Half (you just can’t replicate those good vibes) and I will continue to tell people that wherever I go.

Were you running with us on Wednesday evening? Check out the photos below and share your favourites.

Sign up now to run the Hackney Half on 19 May – only 100 days away!

Each week we’ll be hosting training runs led by our pacers. Next Tuesday 12 Feb, we will be teaming up with Midnight Runners for a special 10km music bootcamp – register now.