Art, Running and Harx Kalsi

A map of Hackney, by Harx Kalsi.

Meet Harx aka Harky Kalsi, a full-time graphic designer who creates hand lettered artwork in her free time. If you ever hang ‘round Chasing Lights Collective or if you were at Hackney Half 2017 (Hackney Half 2018 registration is just around the corner!), you may recognize her pacing work or the letter work she did for the Run Dem Crew street sights at the London Marathon.

When she used to work at a call centre, she would do a lot of doodling in between calls — and from there, her art grew in lettering from a love of quotes and words.

Her dream? To play a small part in making the world a better place. Harky sells her beautiful lettering artwork online at her Etsy shop, with 20% of proceeds going to the MIND charity.

Hi Harky! Tell us about how you got into art.
My mum was a fine artist and I believe I just had that gift passed onto me. I have been drawing since I was a kid and it was a no brainier to pursue art as a career. I absolutely love it and feels like home to me. It’s what I meant to be doing.

That’s always a good thing. How does art relate to your running, or vice versa?
I work intensely so for me to run is my unwind time and also important to keep my body in good shape.

When working long hours it is imperative to make sure your health is just as important as your work.

Both are really meditative for me. I love being in the zone and the achievements are amazing for my well being and how I can focus.

Agreed that movement is just as important as your career! Where can we spot you next and what upcoming projects do you have?

I am planning to hold an exhibition in the next year and release my thankful book soon, so keep an eye out.

It’s great that your art gives back as well — can you tell us what MIND charity is all about?

Now more than ever we need to be supporting one another regarding our mental health. Life is hard and boy it can bring us down. Mind are there to provide the support and advice. They are there to listen and help anyone struggling. No matter how small or big the issue, they are there for you.

By Harky Kalsi. 

I do take commissions and if anyone is interested then they can contact me through Instagram @harkirankkalsi!

Cheers to creative movement!

Keep an eye out for more artwork by Harky for our upcoming Oxford Half in October.

… and if you’re an artist who’s interested in working with us, do say!