10 Reasons To Run The British 10k

Entries for the British 10k in Westminster are closing on 30th June — so if you haven’t gotten your entry already, here are 10 reasons to do so before it’s too late:

Cheers for The British 10k on 9 July, 2017!
  1. Live music. This year, the British 10k will feature live music — bands + DJs — at every kilometre! Here are the headline acts so far: Not the Rolling Stones (you won’t believe it’s not Mick Jagger), The Vox Beatles, Military Brass Band, and many more… stay tuned!

2. A good ol’ British Street Party. This year, the British 10k will celebrate its name with a British Street Party theme! Expect lots of Union Jack flags and spirit — and bring your own pints from the pub, tea and scones and your favourite British treats to kick it up a notch!

3. A challenge or chance at a PB. A 10k is a step up from a 5k, and a great stepping stone to a half-marathon (like our next one in Oxford this October). Tip: this course is super flat — perfect for PBs.

4. Recovery time is short. Even if you have a big race lined up for mid-July, you can start running hard just three days after a 10k. #facts

5. Running Tour of Iconic Sights. Bonus points if you’ve friends or family visiting London or if you yourself are a tourist — this route boasts the best tour of iconic sights of Westminster — set to your own speed!

Or you can choose to dress up as an iconic landmark.

6. Your friends are doing it. Pushing yourself through a physically demanding task is always better with friends — and this race will be a fun one. Or, convince your friends to join up and apply the best kind of peer pressure — the kind that gets one moving!

7. Running may be good for your back. Got an achy back? You may just want to run it out — recent studies reveal that runners have ‘fundamentally healthier spines than people who are sedentary’.

8. Do it for a good cause! There are over 450 charities you can run The British 10k for — do it for others and at the same time, do yourself a favour!

9. For the crews. If you’re new to running, get ready to get introduced to the warm and welcoming world of running crews. We have a slew of fantastic pacers for The British 10k this year, from Midnight Runners to Run Dem Crew… come for the crew love!

10. Because… why not? In the words of Sir Richard Branson — ‘screw it, let’s do it’! You can spend your weekend doing what you normally do, or you can change it up and challenge yourself in a way that you’ve never before. A recent study shows that new experiences can also make your weekend longer… so if you’ve never done a 10k before, seize the moment and then end up in the Pub for well-deserved cold ones.

Get your ticket for The British 10k here before 30th June.